Malibu Low Voltage LED Telescoping Spotlight Wall Light 8406-2606-01


The Malibu LED pathway lighting system will dramatically improve your home’s exterior while providing valuable light to your pathway, pond, or garden. We have a wide assortment of light designs so you will be sure to find a good fit for your style. The Malibu 2606 bronze floodlight is a powerful light designed to accentuate beautiful areas of your yard. Many also use this reliable lighting system to highlight hazardous areas such as uneven surfaces, water, or trees, which are difficult to spot at night. This floodlight sits on a telescoping pole allowing for easy directional lighting customization. The Malibu 2606’s oil-rubbed bronze finish gives it a professional appearance and it’s high-quality construction and waterproof seals protect it from all weather conditions making it the perfect long-term investment for your outdoor space. In addition to its appealing design, the Malibu 2606 is energy efficient using only 4 watts per light. All Malibu lighting systems are easy to install making it a fun project for do-it-yourselfers. If you are interested in other light designs, please review our available products. All Malibu lighting systems are high-quality, energy efficient, and easy to install.


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