Malibu Low Voltage Landscape Lighting, In-ground Well Light, 35 Watt Floodlight 8303-9500-01

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The Malibu 35-watt in-ground well light is a powerful halogen light designed to accentuate the beautiful areas of your yard. It can bring aesthetic appeal to an ornamental tree, front or back columns, or a statue using this high-quality light source. This in-ground light is designed to be positioned underneath and shining up at the object, providing exceptional beauty and clarity to objects that would otherwise be in the dark.

The neutral sand color and finish allows this lighting to blend in with landscaping, allowing for discrete yet secure and bright up lighting. The Malibu 35 Watt Well Light has a professional appearance, and its high-quality non-corrosive metal construction and waterproof seals protects it from most weather conditions, making it the perfect long-term investment for your outdoor space. In addition to its appealing design and excellent illumination capabilities, this Malibu well light is also ideal for illuminating walls and trees. All Malibu lighting systems are easy to install, making it a fun project for do-it-yourselfers.

Note: Use only with low voltage outdoor landscape lighting products with power packs that have a maximum output rating of 12 volts and 300 watts per circuit.

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