Malibu Low Voltage Landscape Lighting, 20 Watt Metal Floodlight 8301-9502-01

Venus Manufacture

The Malibu 20-watt low voltage landscape lighting will provide the ultimate outdoor living accent for your garden, outdoor landscaping, and walkways. This easy to install lighting not only highlights beautiful areas of your landscape at night but also adds protection for your home by illuminating darker areas. This landscape floodlight creates a wash of light to portions of your home's exterior. It contains an adjustable head that angles toward and highlights walls and trees. This walk light is a bright, reliable fixture in most weather conditions. With its non-corrosive metal construction, this light fixture is both waterproof and protects against most weather conditions. 

Malibu landscape lights are a quick, effortless and stylish way to enhance security, curb appeal, and is an essential element for improving your entire outdoor living space.

Note: Use only with low voltage outdoor landscape lighting products with power packs that have a maximum output rating of 12 volts and 300-watt circuit.

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