Malibu 35 Watt Floodlight Low Voltage Landscape Lighting 8303-9606-01


The Malibu 35 Watt MR16 Floodlight is a powerful halogen light designed to accentuate the beautiful areas of your yard. Invite friends over for a cocktail and dazzle them by illuminating a beautiful garden, ornamental tree, or glistening pond. This durable light also can be used to highlight hazardous areas such as uneven surfaces, water, or trees, which are difficult to spot at night. You can also increase security by placing a Malibu 35 Watt MR 16 Floodlight by adding light to a doorway, garage, alley way, or other dark susceptible areas.

This floodlight utilizes a swiveling head, allowing for easy directional lighting customization. The Malibu 35 Watt MR16 Floodlight's sand finish gives it a professional appearance and its high-quality die cast metal construction and waterproof seals protect it from all weather conditions making it the perfect long-term investment for your outdoor space. In addition to its appealing design and excellent illumination capabilities, this Malibu floodlight is also efficient, requiring only 35 watts of power. All Malibu lighting systems are easy to install making it a fun project for do-it-yourselfers.

Malibu features a large selection of outdoor lighting products. Malibu utilizes advanced technology to provide powerful, comfortable, and energy efficient lighting options. If you are interested in learning more about Malibu outdoor lighting equipment and supplies, please browse through our dedicated selection.

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