Goodsmann 6 pack printing fabric solar Landscape cloth Lighting Lights(Patent Pending)(Tree9924-0213-01)

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The Goodsmann Cloth LED landscape lights are the perfect way to bring light and personality to your outdoor space. The patented Goodsman cloth easily installs on your Goodsmann solar lights making it the fastest and easiest way to decorate your house for holidays and special events. The high-quality outdoor shade is made of waterproof, oil proof, anti-fouling polyester fabric provide long-lasting performance. These covers are not only decorative but they also function as a full utility lighting source keeping your pathways and outdoor space safely lit at night. If you wish to place these lights on a table, the stake can quickly and easily be removed and the wireless solar powered light will perfectly balance adding a special flair to your outdoors table. We have 6 patterns that you can choose from: - Majestic trees - A cheerful patriotic balloon - A pink flamingo - A patriotic American Flag “ - A loving dog - A beautiful flower These lights will help you light up your outdoor paths or stairways providing additional safety as adults or children walk to your door while providing a festive and decorative atmosphere. Goodsmann features a wide variety of high-quality light products and utilizes specialized and patented manufacturing techniques to achieve consistent optimal results. If you are interested in learning more about Goodsmann LED lights series and supplies, please browse through our dedicated selection.

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