Brinkmann Qbeam12-Volt DC Spot/Flood Light with Magnetic Base 800-1501-1


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  • Adjustable illumination ranging from 200,000 focused power to 100,000 wide-angled view.
  • Sealed beam lamp for shatter and water resistance.
  • Magnetic base bracket secures the light
  • Full swivel and tilt capability
  • Quickly and easily locks into desired angle

The Brinkmann Marine Flood Spotlight is the perfect lighting solution for your nightly projects and adventures. 

Whether you are camping, boating, or completing an outdoor project, the Brinkmann Marine Flood Spotlight will help you perfectly illuminate your surroundings. 

The light’s magnetic base facilitates fast and easy mounting while the fully adjustable mount bracket allows effective customizable directional lighting. The energy efficient Brinkman Marine Flood Spotlight is powered by a 12-volt power cord with a DC plug designed to fit standard car outlets. The 7.36-amp spotlight allows users to adjust illumination setting from 200,000 candle power (focused and tight light beam) to 100,000 candle power (broadly focused wide angled view). 

This floodlight’s high-quality construction and waterproof seals protect it from all weather conditions ensuring long lasting performance. 

Buy today and maximize your next outdoor adventure with the powerful Brinkmann Marine Flood Spotlight. Brinkmann is an industry leading light designer offering a wide variety of illumination options.

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