Brinkmann Qbeam LED Night Vision Rechargeable Spotlight 800-5002-0

Venus Manufacture

This Brinkmann Outdoors light comes with a wide range of striking features. With a durable ABS construction, this Brinkmann Outdoors Q-Beam 682 lumens lithium rechargeable spotlight emits a powerful level of luminosity. 

From 471 yards of beam range to night vision capability, this spotlight guarantees maximum illumination of your surroundings. The internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery will ensure you have full spotlight power and can keep it easily topped up. High, low and night vision settings provide all the light options needed: 682 lumens on high mode, 302 lumens on low mode and 36 lumens on red mode. 

It also features an on/off trigger switch, lockout switch to prevent accidental activation, a rubber molded handle for secure & comfortable grip, and a red LED-charging indicator on the handle. 

To assure that you are functioning with one of the most effective lighting units the industry has to offer, be sure to choose this Brinkmann Outdoors Q-Beam Spotlight with night vision LEDs.

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