Brinkmann Qbeam LED 4 D Spotlight High/Low/Off function 827-1205-0


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The Brinkmann 4D battery powered spotlight is a powerful, lightweight, cordless spotlight that produces immensely powerful light beams capable of spanning over 1,500 feet.

The 4D battery powered spotlight’s superior lighting performance is driven by its energy efficient 5-watt Cree XML grade LED bulb providing 550 lumens of bright and steady illumination for up to 14 straight hours without replacing batteries.

The 4D battery powered spotlight is built from durable ABS plastic and consistently performs perfectly during rigorous use.

The battery compartment is safely protected but easy to access for battery replacement.

The 4D spotlight is the perfect lighting solution for your boating, hunting, camping, hiking, and outdoor adventure needs.

Buy today and maximize your next outdoor adventure with the powerful Brinkmann 4D spotlight.

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