Brinkmann Qbeam 5 LED Headlights 3 Pack ,3 Modes High/Low/Strobe 809-2613-1


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Don’t let darkness stop you from finishing important projects.The Brinkmann 5 3pk LED headlights is a perfect “hands free” solution to your illumination needs.

The Brinkman 5 headlights are fully adjustable headlights capable of producing 40 lumens of warm LED light. These amazing and comfortable headlamps also allow customized brightness and a strobe light option.

An adjustable head allows users to customize lighting angles maximizing full lighting utility. Whether you are trying to start your camper’s generator at 3 in the morning or investigating your air conditioner in a dark attic, the Brinkman 5 LED headlights have you covered.

This amazing package comes with three separate Brinkman 5 LED headlamps.

Each headlamp is made from durable ABS plastic providing long lasting performance. Each high-quality headlamp includes 3 triple A batteries providing over 9 hours of continuous use.

The Brinkman 5 headlamp is the perfect solution to help you finish projects without adequate lighting. Order now and solve your illumination needs today.

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