Bridal Mens Superman Tungsten Engagement Ring Ceremony Wedding 6618-0011-26

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These beautiful rings are made of the highest-grade Tungsten. Most our rings feature a matte finish and are a true comfort fit with a highly polished and smooth inner surface, bringing you both elegance and comfort. High quality Tungsten is extremely resistant to rust, corrosion and tarnishing, which means these rings require minimal maintenance. Tungsten is one of the most biocompatible metals, so Tungsten jewelry is also amazingly hypoallergenic. As one of the strongest of all jewelry metals, Tungsten does not oxidize and is very durable. You can even file away at it, and it will stay polished forever; Tungsten is 5 times as hard as steel, and 4 times as hard as Titanium. All these characteristics makes these rings a top fashion accessory to complement any outfit. With a polished and satin contrast, this ring is more than captivating. Its elegant, contemporary and fashionable style makes it the perfect choice for everyday wear or special occasions.

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