Goodsmann Lovely Spring Girl Wearing Pink Dress Baby Stuffed Cloth Dolls Kids Huggable Plush Toys, Doll Girl Cuddly Soft Snuggle Play Toy, Good Gift For kids children

Venus Manufacture

Meet your little one's new best friend! Our sweet Spring Girl features a soft pure cotton cute dress with dedicates lace and cartoon headwear. Little ones can't resist Spring Girl's friendly smile and beautiful dress. She is a great companion for every girl who enjoys "me time" while studying or taking a walk. It is also a perfect way to inspire creativity and to help your little girl develop the nurturing skills for the day she has a little brother or sister. 

The only thing more inviting than the doll’s beauty is how safe and soft it is. Made of high quality, environmentally safe, ultra-soft plush fabric & cotton filler, facial features are all embroidered with your child’s safety in mind. This Spring Girl doll can be the doll your child takes everywhere with her. The go-anywhere, super cute, loveable Spring Girl is sure to become child's best friend.

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